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A free standing snow covered dormant volcano

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A free-standing, snow-covered dormant volcano, majestic
Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa.  Located in northeast
Tanzania, it can be seen from far into Kenya and Amboseli National Park.

75,000 mountaineering enthusiasts climb Kilimanjaro every
year so it is not the most untouched mountain, nor is it the most
arduous.  However, it is certainly a test of one’s endurance, with
altitude sickness the main reason for hikers not getting to the summit of
Kilimanjaro. Although it has become a very popular challenge and the experience
slightly crowded with other climbers, we still highly recommend it for anyone
with an interest in mountaineering.

Mt Kilimanjaro is located in North Tanzania next to some of
the top safari parks in Africa, so while making an ascent it would be a shame
not visit the northern parks and experience the Serengeti , Ngorongoro or

There are hundreds of operators that work on Mount
Kilimanjaro but over the years we have decided to work with only 2 companies
based on their safety track record, guides and cost. Climbing Kilimanjaro is
potentially very dangerous so it’s important to be with the right company!

How high is Kilimanjaro?

Once you have reached the summit, you will be standing
5,895m or 19,340 feet high as Kilimanjaro is the highest free-standing mountain in the world. By comparison, Everest’s highest peak is 8,848m above sea level. It is also commonly known as the roof of Africa, as it towers over East Africa, and the whole continent for that matter. It is so big, that if you stand at the bottom, you usually can’t really see it…

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Cost

There are two choices when beginning to think about climbing

Kilimanjaro – whether to go on a fixed departure climb with a group, or to go
on a private climb. Per person the fixed departure dates begin at around $2,500 per person. Private climbs vary depending on how many climbers you are, and also which route. If you are a group more than 2, it could even be better value to do a private climb, but please do let us know and we can do the maths for you. We do not choose the cheapest operator, but one we have been working with for 20 years and trust wholly to take the best care of our clients.

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